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Leiomyosarcoma Direct Research Foundation

Working - not wishing - For a Cure

2006 LMSdr Foundation Fund

Individual & Corporate Donors

$5,000 and Above

Suzanne Ash Kurtz

$1,000 and Above

Robert Beranek
Richard and Cheryl Fontaine in matching funds with Home Depot
Stanley and Lorraine Goldenstein Philanthropic Fund/ via Alan Casnoff
Peter J. Kalis
Melissa Kroodsma
Vilma and David Lorenzini
Bruce and Beth MacDonald
Bryan Morse
Linda Dill Parker
Michael R. Pinkston
Siger, Guldan, Kallens, Rotman
Henrietta and Karen Zimm

$500 and Above

Alaska Club, Inc. in Honor of Warren Bailey
Paul S Bachow/ Bachow Family Fund
Karen A. Bossert
George Dellinger
Ellwood City Forge Company
Ellwood Texas Forge L.P.
Richard and Marlene Ferst
R.L. and E.S. Gero
Christine Marucchi
James and Patricia Moore
Gloria Schwartz
Patricia and Hayes, Michael and Diana Stover
Richard Senderoff with matching Gift from ZymoGenetics

Up to $500

Lianne Adams
Susan and Wade Adams
Adeboye Adejare in Memory of Joseph B Schwartz
Gilbert Adelstein
Barbara Adler
Rachel and Robert Adler
Linda L. Aguilar
Theresa Lueras Allen
Robyn Amos
Joan M. Anderson
Sharon Anderson
Ervin and Linda Anderson & family
Cindy and Mark Andress
Marilynn and Robert Anton
Ellie and Mike Aranow
James Ariail
Hillary Arnon
Craig and Aimee Ashley
Beverly Attinson
Jeff Auerbach and Rebecca Bolden
Rebecca Aupperle
Cheryl A. Bagattin
Jill and Tom Baldovin
Mr. and Mrs. Barensfeld
Janice Bariski
Carol D. Bartosch
Jeanette and Faye Baum
Phyllis Beatty
Jerome Becker
Mina, Melanie and Jerome Becker
Lynn Beer
James and Carolyn Bell
David, Sam and Nathan Ben-Ur
Rick Smilow and Debi Berger
Michael A. Bergt
Dr. Neal F. Bermas
Diane C Beuerle
Herbert and H. Lorainne Bieberfeld
Gail Bierman
Thomas and Janice Biron
Pat Bishop
Rhonda Blank
Lee and Harry Bloom
Sidney and Rosalind Bloom
Susan Bloom
Donna and Dennis Bodman
Stephen and Norma Bolden
Rena Borow
Mary Bosch
Kimberly Bost
Joe & Damian Boullosa in Honor of Mary Ann Fradella
Gerald Brenner
Jo-Anne and Richard Brintrup
Ted and Lynette Brooks
David and Susan Brownlee
Diane C. Buerele
Alice Bunting
Saul and Deborah Burk
Marcia E. Burkart
Don and Sylvia Bynum
Cadelinia Family Revocable Trust
California Psychological Assn
Robert and Elizabeth Camburn
Marilyn I. Camona
Peter Candell
The Steve Cantor family
John D. Carman
Janet, Larry, Shuli and Ari Carroll
Susan Chandler
Bin Chen in Memory of Joseph B Schwartz
A. Kevin and Ina S. Cimei
CKSD Speech Department
Brian and Karen Clarke
Clinton Township Schools
Duane and Sandy Cofer
Faye Cohen
June Berkon and George Cohen
Stephen and Gina Cohen
Marshall Cohn
Phillip and Jill Cohn
Susan and Samuel Cohn
Joycelyn M. Cole
Aims C. Coney, Jr.
Joan R. Connor
William and Joan Connor
John and Theresa Conte
Gary J. Coomber
Joyce Copleman
Joyce and Ralph Copleman
Jane Corbman Design Inc.
Joseph and Maxine Croteau
James and Lisa Cunningham
Anil D’mello in Memory of Joseph B Schwartz
Andrew and Christine Daudelin
Meryl Schwartz Davidi
Vivian and Bob Davis
Marshall and Jane Decker
John and Martha Delaney
Kathryn DeMarco and family
Sylvania Demers
Jean and Dominic Denicolo
Thierry and Nancy Desmaris
Catherine Difabio-Callahan
Debbie and Louis DiOrio
Roy Donaldson
Michael E. Drake in Honor of Warren Bailey
Rosa Duran-Vazquez
David and Judy Ehrenwerth
Emerald Heights Elementary School Staff
Monika and Jacob Ertwine
Roslyn and Fred Faust
Stephen and Barbara Fedor
Jonathan and Donna Fein
Donna Feinberg
Isaac Feingold
Jerome and Judith Feldman
P.J. Fernandez
Wynn K. Fertig
Ronald and Marcella Filiaggi
Findley Davies Inc.
Alan H. Finegold
Jon and Marilyn Fineman
S. David Fineman
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fink
William and Darleen Fiorelli
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Fisher
Lois and Joe Fleischmann
John M. Forde
Forest Cleaning Service
Judith Formalarie
John Foster
Leon and Lois Fox
Sylvan and Bonita Frank
Bruce Comly and Diane French
Stephen and Barbara Frishberg
Mort and Marianne Fujii
Wesley and Asako Fujii
Brian Fuller
Katy and Billy Gaines
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Gall
Dr. and Mrs. Barry Garfinkle
Deborah Gates
Joseph and Beverly Gerber
Kevin Uribe and Shira Gertz
Nanci and Kenneth Gilberg
Harlan and Cynthia Giles
Elihu and Annalee Ginsberg
Judith Gittinger
Renee Glazier
Global Project Services Associates, Inc.
Janis F. Glusman
Don and Marcella Goelman
Diane and Harry Goldbacher
Robert and Ann Goldberg
Phyllis Borten Golden
Donna Gonzalez
Joel and Stephanie Goode
Judy and Jerry Goodman
Mrs. Judy Gordon
Mary Leon and Linda Grad
Kevin and Sandra Gray
Great Oak Community: Nelson-Curling-McDonald
Richard and Sandra Greenberg
Charles and Julia Grimstad
George and Cindy Grinenko and family
Ronald and Marilyn Gross
Robert D. Grunder
Guidance Associates of Pennsylvania
James Gunn
Pardeep Gupta in Memory of Joseph B Schwartz
Emma Haft
John and Melissa Halsted
Richard & Colleen Hamilton in Memory of Joseph B Schwartz
Steve and Kim Haris
Susan S. Harmelin
John H. Harris
Allyn and Janice Harth
Peter Harvison in Memory of Joseph B Schwartz
Gerald and Virginia Heffner
Janice Heller
Felicia Herman
Stephen W. Herman
Steve, Debbie, Melanie and Jeff Herman
R.A. and P.Y. Herskovitz
William and Setsuko Higuchi
Steven H. and Ann Hirth
Jerome and Violet Hoffman
Holocaust Oral History Archive
Scott and Julia Homschek
S.Harold and Helen Horwitz
Ronald Hovey
Richard A. Howard
Victor Howard – Redwood Psychological
Virginia Hudert
Ronald and Fran Huffman
Hunterdon Facility – Planners LLC
Dan and Sue Hussar
Brenda Ivker
Ronald Jacobs
Curtiss and Ellen Jameson
Deborah Jaynes
Bruce and Josephine Johnson
Elana and Aaron Johnson
Elvie and John Johnson
Tom and Cathie Johnson
Jerry and Connie Johnston
Diane and Oscar Jones
Jane and Randy Jones
Lucy M. Jones
Siramakamal Jonnalagadda in Memory of Joseph B Schwartz
Edward and Ellen Joseph
Ms. Shirley Juran
Joel and Susan Kaber
Joseph and Krista Kaminsky
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Kamnikar
Barbara Kaplan
Constance Kaplan
Eleanor Karp
Linda Karp
Karp Marketing
Helene Karpa
Frank and Millie Karpowicz
Peter and Marie Katevatis
Lewis and Shirley Katz
Linda and Alan Kaufman
Marilyn and Larry Kaufman
Elaine and Wilbert Kaufmann
Nester and Lenora Kelley
Barbara and Tom Kenefake
Brendan and Sarah Kenny
Elaine and Edward Kepler
David and Catherine Klaber
Alan and Susan Klein
Jim and Cherie Klein
Stanley Klein
Ina Kleitman
Thaddeus Merriman and Kristin Klingenberg
Priscilla Kostiner
Stephen and Doreen Kowalczyk
Suzanne Kratzok
Linda Kreisel
Donald and Kathleen Krider
Pam and Jim Kubik
Robert M. Kullick
Andrew Kurtz
Edward T. Kurtz
Alzira Lampropoulos
Denis & Noreen Lanctot in Honor of J Victor Meszaros
Jill Lapinas
Iris and Mort Lasky
Joseph Laur
Alise and Scott Lawrence
Luisa Lehrer
Samual and Mary Lehrer
Michael and Melanie Lenahan
Thomas and Nancy Lenahan
Margie Levi
Eric Levin
Carolyn and Michael Levine
Joseph H. Levine
Sondra Levitt
Joel Levy
Stephen P. and Gwen Lichtstein
H. Kennedy and Hope Linge
Sandi Linsky
Eric and Krista Liss
Ellen Litman
Frances P. Lombardo
Betty and Richard London
David and Anne Long
Astrid Cook and Alexander Loshilov
Margaret Lovett
Ann and Juan Lozano
Barbara Luchs
Barbara Lumia
Jerry and Phyllis Lundy
Steven, Linda, Ben and Elyse Lupin
William and Ellen Mack
Mary and Antonio Macri
Joseph and Marilyn Madden
Margaret Maddock
Richard A. Maddock
James and Susan Mangano
James and Rosemary Marchese
Michael and C. (Pat) Marian
Barry and Karen Louise Markman
Erwin and Bebe Markman
Howard Markman and Debra Sandler
Nicholas Marotta
Tom, Nancy and Jan Mason
Tracy Mason
George and Christi Massaker
Dr. and Mrs. Murray Matez
Bob and Sara Maull
Carol Maulsby
Thomas and Joan McCaffrey
Donna and Kevin McCarthy
Bette S. McDaniel
David and Therese McGonigle
William and Maryann McKean
Samual D. Meals
New Gold, Inc. — Memories
Irma Menschell
F.L. Merryman
J. Victor and Letitia Meszaros
Susan Jo Michler
Richard C. Miles
Abraham and Grace Miller
Susan Ruth Miller
Susan, Barbara, and Steve Miller
Edith Millman
Christopher and Joye Minnick
J. Jack and Susan Mitchell
Mary Mitchell
Marjorie and Michael Mlodzinski
Modern Technologies Corp.
Victor, Dale and Laurie Moes
Bill Mohr
Sandra Monasch
Sean and Christine Mooney
Jeffrey Moore in Memory of Joseph B Schwartz
Wilma and Rich Moore
Diane W Morel in Memory of Joseph B Schwartz
Mr/Mrs Daniel Mufson
Ellen Musante-Saba
Barnett Nappen
Jerry and Louise Nathan
Lisa Niewiara
Ronald Nissenbaum
J. David and Lynn Noda
Bruce O’Neill
Drew and Cindy O’Neill
Donald and LeeAnn Oberfield
Robert and Kimberly Odell
Clyde M Ofner, III in Memory of Joseph B Schwartz
Sally Ann Oliveti
Dr. Alan Ostroff
Michael and Sandy Otchet
Steven and Karen Pardonner
Steven and Ida Parente
Nancy and Michael Parkes
Edward and Elsie Parkhouse
Erin L. Parsley
Ronald and Paula Patterson
Cornelius Pearcy
David S. Peck
Rhona Peck
Susan and Michael Peck
Irwin and Thelma Peikes
Pelham Jewish Center
Linda and Russell Peltz
Donna and Donald Peragallo
Maria and Ernest Perez
Peter and Betty Pescosolido
Mr. and Mrs. L.D. Pfeiffer
Philips Brush Corp
Ainslie E. Phillips
Ranny and Donna Pierce
James Plotkin
Gregory and Judith Plummer
Mr. and Mrs. Joel B Portnoff
Ernest Post
James and Julia Potts
James and Diana Powell
Darlene Fujii Pratt
Monique Prue
Charles and Jo Ann Queenan
Rina and Robert Radding
Ramona School Social Committee
Brendan and Cecil Ranzino
David Rappaport
Gail and David Rappaport
Jerry and Susan Rappaport
Ray and Meryl Raskin and family
Albert and Judith Rauer
Robert and Patricia Reault
Gerald Reed
Gerald S. Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Renda
Maria Repici
Adina and Eli Reshotko
Steve Richard
Flossie, Tony, Sherry and Amy Riesner
James and Janet Rochotte
Ernest and Constance Roessler
Anna Marie Romani
Robert J. Romani
Ellen Rose
Mr and Mrs Sid Roseman
Kathy Siegel Rosenberg
Anita Rowan
Richard and Elaine Roy
Alan and Barbara Rubin
Edward and Judith Rubin
Faith Rubin
Thomas Saito
Marian and Philip Salkin
Alan N. Salpeter
Charles and Dorothy Samuel
Anthony Sanabria
Sanofi-aventis Matching Gifts Program
Kathleen and Samuel G. Scalise
Jennifer and Dennis Scanlon
Anne Scardino
John and Joyce Schanz
Lisa E. Schanz
L.A. and M.A. Schapiro
Allan and Cynthia Schlossberg
Elliot M. Schnier
David and Patricia Schogel
Floyd W. Schuchert
Jeffrey R. Schwartz
Peter Seiffert
Howard and Carol Serotta
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Seymour
Tom and Jackie Shanz
Karen and Larry Shapiro
Kimberly and James Shapiro
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Sherry, Jr.
Clyde and Joy Shoop
Mary Siegel
Mary and Bob Siegel
Suzie Siegel
William and Sally Siegel
David and Linda Sielken
Alan and Sherry Silverberg
Paul Silverman
Rose Silverman
Mary Simaitis
Ronnie-Sue Simmons
Kenneth and Andi Simon
Rob and Ellen Simons
Arthur and Debra Skaroff
Kristi and Michael Smedley
Jay and Elizabeth Smolyn
Dr. Craig Soffin
Allen and Ruth Sommers
Southfield Green Condominium
Sheila and Ed Spitz
Pame Sprott
Pamela Sprott
Helen and John Stamm
Georgia and Frank Stams
Judge and Mrs. William L. Standish
Michael and Tamara Steinberg
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Steinberg
Luke and Carolyn Stevens
Penny and Howard Stiefel
Heather Stoltz
Ann Strack
Edwin and Gail Sugita
Jean Surian
Lucille and Kenneth Sweeney
Roger and Joan Synenberg
Stanley and Alsandria Szczepanski
T.K.C. Properties Inc.
Sherry and Ira Tackel and Family
Amanda and Frank Tamburro
Joan Tarloff in Memory of Joseph B Schwartz
Joan and James Tarloff
Steven Tepper
Hugh H. Thomas
Throckmorton Chiropractic
TOPS #WA 231
David Toub, Debra Bernstein, Arielle and Isaac
Craig and Anna Tractenberg
William and Susan Trencher
Drew and Susan Tucker
Wendy and Marty Urban and family
James and Marilyn Uzzle
David and Elizabeth Van Nuys
Mario and Kristine Visco
Darin and Barbara Vogel
Evelyn Voget
Evelyn C. Voget
Carolyn and James Waddel
Mana Jean Wagnon
Herbert and Shelia Walter
Nancy Walter and Family
Christine A. Ward
Jay and Suzanne Watkins
Marvin and Diane Waxman
Dennis and Kathleen Webster
Lilian Wegg
David and Ruth Weidner
Byron and Margaret Weightman
Bruce and Linda Weinroth
Roberta Weinstein
Rachel Beth and Lawrence Weiss
Ray Orzechowski and Carol Weiss
Robert and Terri Weiss
Lynn Weiss Trustee/ Eugene Weiss Trust
Lauren E. White
Mr/Mrs. Ben White in Honor of Mary Ann Fradella
Jill and Victor Whiteman
Bruce and Barbara Wiegand
Rodney J Wigent in Memory of Joseph B Schwartz
Peggy, Glenn and Family Wightman
Diane Wildermuth
Bruce Wilson
Barry and Ann Miller Wolf
Jerry & Kelly Wolfgang in Memory of Kristi L Fairman
Dennis L. Wood
R.L. Wright
Patti & Greg Wrubleski; Megan & family; Alex, Donna, and Stacey
Stuart and Linda Yaffa
Barry and Marcia Yaffe
Linda Yalkowsky
Pae and Robert Yeung
Dun H. Young
Theodore and Vivian Young
William Zaccagnino in Honor of Debra A Simons
Susan and Norbert Zeelander
Michael and Tracy Zerby
Lan Zhang
Yu-E Zhang
Henrietta Zimm in Memory of Joseph B Schwartz
William & Suzanne Zingg in Memory of Wendy Cox Freeman
Nina Zucker Associates

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