Paraffin Tissue Block Donation

Have you ever had surgery?  

Donate a paraffin block tissue sample!


LMS Paraffin Tissue Block Repository needs your samples for research.  What’s a paraffin block? See FAQs below. All information will remain anonymous and confidential, meaning the researchers will not know your name or other identifiers. Only Sharon Anderson, Patient Tissue Coordinator, will be able to contact you, with your permission.




Read to learn how your tissue will be used and your rights to privacy


Complete the Consent Form

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Mail or email the Consent Form to:

LMS Paraffin Tissue Block Repository
c/o Sharon Anderson
850 Pointe Pacific Drive #5
Daly City, CA 94014

Phone:  650-922-8762


We contact your hospital and request one paraffin block. After we receive your tissue sample, Sharon Anderson, Tissue Coordinator and LMS survivor, will phone you to obtain your medical history pertaining to leiomyosarcoma, (if you checked the yes box.)

About the Leiomyosarcoma

Tissue Paraffin Block Bank


The advantage of having a tissue bank is that researchers can go to one place & access enough tissue to conduct research. With only 4 patients in 1 million, LMS tissue samples are scarce and scattered in hospitals across the globe. Often, hospitals refuse to share these precious samples. Researchers have no way to know who or where these LMS patients are. Sections of the tissue microarray will be made available to LMS researchers for IRB-approved research that requires clinical outcome data. Bottom line, without tissue banks, it is impossible for researchers to get enough samples to conduct any valuable research on LMS. No samples, no research, no cure!

In 2004-2005, the LMS patient community collected over 300 of their own tissue samples and donated them to the LMS Tissue Bank housed by Dr. Matt van de Rijn at Stanford University. Using state-of-art bio technology, Dr. van de Rijn conducted an extensive DNA & tissue microarray analysis. This study is by far the most extensive and promising research ever done on LMS. Since 2013, LMS tissue block donation drive has been ongoing resulting in over 500 paraffin blocks to date. Many other researchers have already accessed these tissues. Dr. Matt van de Rijn and other researchers need more new samples to continue their extensive study of LMS.

We are depending on the spirit of the LMS community to donate tissue blocks for research. We need as many samples as possible, there are no limits. Together, we can build our LMS tissue bank’s collection and help the researchers, help us.